From Here to Hell and Back

by Sean Donovan



Written over the course of 6-7 years, this is the first in a collection of 12 albums I'm putting out throughout the year.


releases January 29, 2016

Sean Donovan - all instruments and production

Photo credit courtesy of Lee Munio




Sean Donovan Nashville, Tennessee

I'm not sure if you know this, but music is my thing.

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Track Name: All Out War
My sun burnt out, my darling, a long time ago
When the halo, light the streetlight by your house, had ceased to glow
It's hard to pin down exactly what you want to know
When I'm diving into waters I've been told I shouldn't go

My strings are dangling from the ceiling up above
Where a hand controls the movements but I know it shows no love
And I know not its intentions, nor do I know its desires
But it strangled out my life force, choked the remnants of my fire

I am wrapped between what happened then and what will happen next
Where the ground beneath my feet shakes loose the island which I tread
I'm not looking for the questions cause I might not like what I find
I'm in an all out war with my mind, and I don't mind

My world keeps spinning faster every waking hour
All my options passing by me, all my actions stoned and sour
When you pick up where you left off, there's less than what you first put down
But I never learn that lesson, it makes a worn, misshapen crown

And there is nowhere left to hide
I'm content to let it all just slip on by
Hanging like a shadow in the sky

Well today woke with tomorrow and yesterday right in its ears
Screaming chaos and confusion out so loud it couldn't hear
You can gather up the masses but you'll only lead the blind
I'm in an all out war with my mind, and I don't mind

My sun burnt out, my darling, a long time ago...